Ericson Smith

Eating just before sleep?

3 years ago

Your body has to work pretty hard to digest food at any point. Sleep is supposed to be a time of rest, so imagine going to sleep and really -- not sleeping.

No wonder we wake up groggy and have weird dreams through the night.

Here's some things that have happened to me:

  1. Stomach acid can pour out of your throat (acid reflux) since you're in a horizontal position.
  2. Vivid, weird nightmares 
  3. Really groggy in the morning and an unfocussed day.
  4. Throws off my internal clock for the next 48 hours.

The best thing if you have to eat late, is to sit up after eating for a few hours if possible. Ate light? Then you only need to do this for an hour or less. Heavy dinner? Be prepared to stay upright for at least a few hours.


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