Ericson Smith

How did you become interested in Vietnam and Vietnamese culture?

3 years ago

I grew up in Jamaica, as far away from Vietnam as you could possibly get.

As a young boy I was always interested in the country. I read the horror stories about the French occupation, the war with the USA and came away being very interested in the country for a variety of reasons I cannot begin to really explain coherently.

Part of it is probably my respect for how they managed to overcome all these wars and move the country forward.

It seemed like a far-away exotic place as much as Jamaica might have seemed a far-away exotic place to Vietnamese people.

So in early 2019, I decided to visit. First Ho Chi Minh City, then back with my teenage daughter to HaNoi in the summer, then living there for the past 6 months.

My reasons for being here thus long now, are these:

  1. The culture is so different - I love “different”
  2. Personal service is fantastic.
  3. Very direct people - not wasting time.
  4. Filled with style


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