Ericson Smith

On identifying as American abroad

3 years ago

As an American living (and trapped) abroad - I get looks of sympathy and shakes or the head when I mention I’m from the states.

One thing I have noticed is that countries want tourism but are now super careful about who they let in.

Recently I wanted to travel elsewhere, but was unable to enter most of the world with my American passport. So I got another extension instead for 2 more months.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that some countries now actually are beginning to realize that their economies are down, but can survive without the hordes of dirty foreigners coming to their country. So there is just no rush to reopen especially with the medium sized and fast growing countries.

Nationalism to some small degree is definitely in play in a lot of governments these days.

And with the resurgence of the virus, lockdowns are being expended and reestablished in many places.

The reopenings planned for August 1 are definitely not going to happen.

No passport is any good right now - except in its own region.


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