Ericson Smith

"Safe spaces"... should be eliminated

3 years ago

Of all the most insidious things that have grown in currency recently, is the mention of “this is a safe space”.

But really, in truth, the concept of a safe space has always been around - just not talked about.

The safe space is the home that one refuses to leave, the blanket that a child will not give up, the risk that no one will take, the refusal to experience anything new. We all know that these are negative traits, so why are we indeed talking about “safe spaces” as if they are something good?

Safe spaces are where people go to die.
Where ideas go to stagnate.
Where opportunities are stifled.
Where dissent is snuffed.

A safe space is indeed, one of the most dangerous places that you could be, because by its nature it never changes or causes pain. Some of you might say, it’s the place that you can go to rest, and you may have a point.

But our new definition of a “safe space” is not that.


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