Your identity is meaningless

On Identity Politics

Identity is one of those weird things that you claim without having to do anything for it. It's almost like waking up Vegan one morning and inheriting all the positions of radical veganism without even once actually, really, standing up for any of them.

Then you can use that identity to be superior or ugly to someone else who does not share that identity.

Really, if your stop to think about it, being a liberal or conservative -- means nothing except that you yourself have no positions and thus, end up choosing a group that hold the ones you like.

Thus, the shaming of people who switch parties or the lionization of those who never change views on anything.

A rational person should always be open to changing views as often as they change their clothing -- just as soon as new evidence comes in that refutes a closely held position.

So, do you notice that as you become more self aware (i will not say older - for there are many stupid older people), you tend to gaze at groups with a more skeptical eye because you're forming positions for yourself?

Stay far, far away from those who join groups or hold positions for too long. Because they generally hold no positions or opinions themselves.

And as a wise Woodrow Wilson opined: "If you want to make enemies, try to change something."