Is it a problem? Or is it just change?

Everything happening in the world now are really, not problems. They're just changes. At least that's the way how I look at it.

  • The way how we are going to spend money is changing.
  • The way how we date is changing.
  • The way how (and even if) we get married has changed.
  • The way how we educate ourselves is also changing.
  • What kind of business to start has already changed.
  • How to market has changed.
  • How to sell is changing.

So the question is this, will you stick around and keep thinking of everything happening now as a problem?

Or will you think of it as fundamental change, and thus an opportunity?

  1. Why things will never change
  2. Protesting never works
  3. Your beliefs are not important
  4. What will you say to someone that has been learning how to code for 5 years but yet still struggling with it?
  5. What's your main goal for learning programming?
  6. What coding skills are in demand?
  7. As a self-taught developer, should I go to college?
  8. What does it mean to be a successful coder?