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Why things will never change

3 years ago

Why things will never change

On POLICE UNIONS - and why things will not change.

No amount of protesting is going to change police union privileges. They're too entrenched and no politician on either side has any upside to changing it. 

Put on the shoes of a good police office for a moment (be fair!) and you would just not want that job if you made a mistake and are now liable for lawsuit or imprisonment without any protection.

Why would you be a police officer in that case?

The courts also recognize that and will probably slightly roll back some privileges, but most will remain because of the fairness part of it.

Also, why would any politician reign in the police? They immediately will be pounced upon as pro-crime. Remember, for the most part, most cops are good cops. They have many friends and family. Daughters, sons. Heck, I have friends who are great cops too in multiple countries. A large part of the population would definitely NOT vote for that politician who rolled back protections.

But because power eventually leads to corruption, the unions and infrastructure around law officers have grown more powerful and beyond the check of law or fairness. It literally takes millions of people protesting to get a few dirty cops arrested.

That's how powerful the unions and defense infrastructure for the cops is.

And that's the problem.

I'm just looking the situation. From both sides. 

Society really sucks. That's why sometimes, we do have to go our own way and be against the society and for ourselves. It's not a bad thing to be selfish sometimes.

Go where you're treated best.
Do what makes your personal life best.
And when you do, it will lift up all those around you.

Protesting is just a pill and will go nowhere without action.


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