I can't solve a simple Python program, and no ideas for a mini project.

The first problem is not Python.

The first problem is that you have no ideas. I submit that you’re not thinking hard enough or getting out to look around.

Are you going out of your home?
What are you thinking when you walk down the street?
Are you on your phone all the time?
Don’t you have any problems in your own life to solve?

Here’s an idea. Make a website that lists ideas for projects. Someone hits a button and it pops up a random idea from your list.

No need to even have a database.

Just a text file with one idea per line. Know the number of lines, generate a random number between 1 and “n” (n being the number of lines), then seek to that line in the file and show the idea on the screen.

Such a program should take about a day to write — with most of the work of coding being the deployment to a server.

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